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Reporting on Boards and Admin View Access


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Description - Need the same reporting capabilities with boards (all types of boards) as we do with all other areas on Workfront and for Admins to be able to see a list of all boards without the need to share the board with the Admin. Because of the lack of these features, we have instructed our users not to use boards. 


Why is this feature important to you - Without being able to report on boards or even find a list of all boards, it limits the usefulness of this feature. It makes it impossible for Admin to monitor the use of these, keep the system clean, and to tell the story of our work to leadership. There will be a missing portion of the bigger picture without including board information in reports. In fact, I'm extremely surprised reporting wasn't one of the first things created before pushing boards to production. 


How would you like the feature to work - Just like reporting for all the other areas within the tool that is available today. Also, the Admins should be able to see all boards like the can with EVERYTHING else in the tool.


Current Behavior - No way to find out what boards are created, if the users are doing boards correctly, and what work has been done using boards instead of the typical method.


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