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Reduce reauthentication between versions of an interactive proof


Community Advisor


Description - This feature request is related to interactive proofs where the URL of the proof requires authentication, and the proof is being viewed using the desktop proofing viewer 


Current Behaviour - Currently if we authenticate into the most recent version of the proof, and we wish to refer to a previous version of the proof, it will force us to authenticate into the previous version as well. If I try to skip the authentication process on the most recent version of the proof (because I already know I want to look at a previous version), the authentication process will error out on me.


How would you like the feature to work - If both proof versions are going to the same URL, and I have already authenticated to view one, I want to be able to switch to a previous version and not have to authenticate again. This could be done if the proofing viewer would allow all versions to access the same cookie, or if desktop proofing viewer integrated with microsoft authentication library (aka MSAL)


Why is this feature important to you - First, it is very time consuming to have to authenticate over and over (think if I have to reference a set of 5 versions of the same URL in order to see proof comments). Next, the error I am getting because I'm trying to avoid authenticating every time I open the proof (because I don't wish to look at the most recent proof) is very frustrating and I don't think our users will necessarily understand what is going on so it will waste time on our side to coach or troubleshoot them past this