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"Add tasks" to timesheet by an assigned job role when multiple job roles are assigned to a single task (and the user's job role is not the primary assignee to that task)


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In our scenario, we have multiple job roles assigned to one task on a project. When a user wants to log time to the specific task on the project we have run into difficulty because the project will not show up for them in the "timesheet add task search" when when searching by their job role.

  1. The project is shared with them by their job role with contribute access allowing them to add time to the project.
  2. The task is shared with them by their job role with contribute access which SHOULD allow them to add Task time to the task regardless of if their job role is the primary assignee or one of the "others" assigned to the task.

Current Workfront limitations are keeping the the "other" assignees from adding tasks to their timesheet by their job role association.

*Note: We are aware that we could add this person's time to the Project level however we specifically want to use Task Time in order to to work with an integration with another internal corporate billing system that requires we use Task Time specific to one's job role.