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Provide Visibility of Delegated Tasks for Project Owners


Level 4


Description - Assignees can delegate tasks to someone else in Workfront. Delegated tasks are visible to the original assignee and the delegated assignee via their Work Lists. However, the Project Owner does not have any visibility into delegated tasks from a project timeline or report view. 

Why is this feature important to you - Project Owners do not know when tasks are delegated so they may reassign or add a task to someone else. This can cause duplicate tasks assigned to the same delegated assignee (or two different assignees) and ultimately confusion and delays. 

How would you like the feature to work - I would like there to be a field or flag to show Project Owners and anyone else viewing the project tasks when a task has been delegated and to whom. 

Current Behaviour - There is no easy way for project participants to easily see when a project task is delegated. The only way to see if a project task is delegated and to whom takes multiple clicks.

1. From the Project Task list, click into the Task.

2. From the Task, click Assignments and Delegations.

3. From Assignments and Delegations, click the Delegation tab.  

Even then, there is no flag on the project or task to even make you think to check Delegations.