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Provide the ability to delete / archive custom forms without impacting projects (especially closed ones)


Level 10


I want to clean up my system by deleting/archiving custom forms that we no longer use, but I can't do this. Workfront has relayed that deleting custom forms will also delete it from all projects where it is in use - even on "closed" projects. 1) Closed projects should be locked and not impacted. 2) How can I keep my system clean if I can't archive or delete?



Level 10


Awesome suggestion Marie, this would be SO helpful to have!!!! (fwiw- our workaround is to put an "X" at the front of any forms we want to archive, then use the filters to filter them out)


Level 9


This would be very helpful. We do not want to impact the integrity of closed projects but we then end up with lots of forms and old drop down values that are no longer relevant that make the user experience harder. Our workaround has been to add the FY in front of options so people select the right values. Being able to archive them would be a TREMENDOUS help!


Level 1


We would love to have this archiving functionality as well--so many inactive custom forms. Our workaround is to customize the view, put "inactive" in the description tab, and set up the Advanced Options to turn the line item gray.


Level 2


We would very much like to have this archive functionality as well. I agree that closed projects should have the ability to be locked down so that deleting a custom form has not impact on them.