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Provide a true 'Last Log In' field than doesn't count the Admin's 'Log In As' date


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I do like the Admin "Log In As" feature but there is a big downfall to using this - it counts the Admin as the "User" logging in. My leadership likes to look at the users & Last Log in Dates, but I can no longer provide this report since it is not accurate.

ex: Admin John Doe, uses the Log in As to check something on Jane Smith's account. Jane Smith last logged in on 6/1/2015. The Admin logged in on 12/31/2016 (using Log In As). If I produced a Last Log In report, it will show that Jane Smith logged in on 12/31/16, when she actually logged in on 6/1/2015.



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We have raised this too but was informed that other companies like it this way?! Can't really understand why.

As an Admin I often have to log in as a user that hasn't registered, or hasn't logged in for some time, to amend their details, and the system show them as having logged in.

As Marie states, this affects management reporting and performance stats.


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I agree that this is badly needed. The Admin logins skew the results of actual logins. An alternate solution would be a "View as [individual name]" instead of a "Login as." This would also have the added benefit of enabling you to continue to work as an admin and not have to keep switching between yourself (the admin) and the user for whom you are configuring on behalf of.