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need proof hq to properly integrate with workfront

meaning that it is a seamless addition to include a proof approval task to any worker OR reviewers dashboard.

currently project managers have to take more then 3 steps to even try to make this kind of work and you still cannot sort in order of priority OR see time in which it is due.

For actual proof readers & creative team members who owe approvals there is often a time associated with the task and you cannot see this within the tool only in the initial email the person gets which defeats the purpose of teaching people to rely on the my work dashboard as their guide.

Because of this we are unable to prioritize work as project managers that needs to be approved/proofed etc. And for the people proofing/approving etc. there is no easy way to see what is needed to be done and by when.



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I agree. We need links from the ProofHQ dashboard to the associated Projects in Workfront. We now have to use the reference number and search it in Workfront to go to the corresponding project. We use the Updates and Custom fields regularly, so it is not enough to just follow a document in ProofHQ. The two must be more seamlessly integrated to see the full picture (and status) of our projects.


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I agree and add that their apps need to be more integrated as well.

My team is an integrated user of Workfront and Workfront Proof and we've found that you cannot open/view/review multiple proofs in the Workfront Proof app without logging out and logging in for EACH proof, simply because we also use Workfront.

We are required to view the proofs via Workfront mobile app, so will be redirected to Workfront Proof app where the proof will open without having to log in and when done with review, you will see the option "Back to Workfront" in the menu. This takes too much time and is a hindrance to our internal teams who review proofs.

If you're offerings combine both products, one would hope they would work together seamlessly.


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As part of this integration, I would also like to see proofing in all sandbox environments (separate innovation lab idea is open for this request but I think the two are related)