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Proofing Tool Supporting Internal PDF Reference Links (i.e. Table of Contents, Jump to Page X)


Level 2


We would love if the proofing tool could support internal PDF reference links that are built within the initial PDF rather than converting it to a flat image. For instance, if a large manual/guide is uploaded with a table of contents that has page numbers that link to other pages, or if there are "jump to page 5" or "return to contents" type links that would work in the actual PDF, that these links would work within the proof viewer also. 


Currently our reviewers have to download and open the PDF separately to test all of the PDF reference links, then go back into the proofing tool to comment things like "link does not go to proper page" or "link is broken", etc. This takes extra time and creates room for error. 


Current behavior is that the proofing tool only supports clicking links to external sites (like if there is a link for www.testwebsite.com, you can click that link within the proofing tool), but if you click links that move you to different parts of a PDF (like "jump to Table of Contents"), they are no longer clickable and become just a flat image. We would like these links to still be active and to move you to the proper page/location within the proofing tool. 


Thank you!