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ProofHQ Global Edits


Level 7


Our reviewers often want to provide a comment that applies to all versions of a proof. We may send a proof that has 20-30 different versions all within a file, and they want the ability to provide the same comment on each without having to re-type or only leave them on the first version - when comments are only on the first version, it is easy to lose track of them by the time you get to the 30th.

We would like the ability to provide "global edits" to a proof, or the ability to select a comment and 'apply all' to all versions inside of a proof.



Level 4


Agree that there should be a way to "carry forward" comments, particularly global ones, that would apply to all future versions. Perhaps a style guide type of annotation that you can easily access at any time for the piece would be helpful.


Level 6


I agree with this. It would also be nice to apply comments to other pages within PDFs at once or to different PDFs in the same project. For instance, if we have a circular ad, we might have several versions by market as one PDF that will be multiple pages. There might be a block that needs removed or in which product needs exchanged that is showing on say 7/10 versions. We need to comment and it carry through to all 7 pages to remove block rather than having to copy/paste it or rely on the designer to see the initial comment and remember to make the change throughout all pages.