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Proof notifications - add project name to email notification


Level 5


When proof notifications are received there is a no way to know what project the proof is associated with. Would be helpful to have this.



Level 8


And task / issue name if the proof is put on task /issue. Plus, have them link appropriately to those project, tasks, issues in WF.


Level 1


We are a bilingual company. New documents are typically created in English, go through design and layout and then translated. When reviewing/approving the French document, the translators refer to the English version to compare the two. There is currently no way of linking these two documents together and they sometimes have difficulty finding the corresponding EN document due to permissions/sharing settings. Having a link that also points to the project would provide them with direct access to the project and provide them an avenue to request additional permissions if required.


Level 2


This is not helpful if the document approver does not have a Workfront account and might actually confuse them. If this were considered, I'd hope it only happens for proof requests to People who already have a Workfront login.