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Project Owner Ability - Approval Override


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The idea of the feature is to give Project Owners the ability to say that the approval for an item has been overridden. I know this would need to be a toggleable option by instance (at least) as it wouldn't work for everybody. We use approvals mostly for QA.

Workfront is also our product fulfillment program, so we need to be able to complete projects as soon as the necessary work has been done. Sometimes approvals stick around for a bit, despite the work being good.

We frequently come across situations where a project owner is having to get around approvals in order to complete their projects. Right now they have to move the object to a non-pending status, delete the approval, and then change the status of the item back. Since project owners already have th eability to do this, it seems silly that we can't have a simple override to prevent confusion when looking back at logs.

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I would add the ability of the Project Owner and WF SysAdmin to simply remove the approval process.

We find if someone accidentally attaches a document approval that there is not way to get around it even as a SysAdmin. The approval has to run it's course (annoying the approver with busywork).

I get that approval bypasses might not be everyone's thing, and I do think the System Logs should note any over-rides like this.