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Project/Iteration Lock Feature


Level 4


Description - Currently, there is no way to "lock" a project from activity. This is a feature that would help prevent accidental changes after a project/iteration is completed. We have run into issues where someone accidentally transferred tasks from an old iteration to a new iteration. By Locking the finished iteration, it should not allow those tasks to be transferred.


Why is this feature important to you - The goal is to prevent users from accidentally moving old completed iteration tasks to a different iteration


How would you like the feature to work -

Ability to Lock the Iteration after it is Complete.  It can only be unlocked by specified people and NOT everyone in the team.

  • Specified People Include: Iteration Owner, Team Owner, Admins.
  • This lock will lock out any changes to the Iteration
    • Cannot remove a task/issue if it is in an Iteration that is locked (from the iteration or from anywhere in the system (example from a Project or report)
      • Notify the user that your attempt to move tasks was not allowed because one or more of the tasks are in a locked Iteration.
    • Cannot add a task/issue to an Iteration that is locked
    • Custom Form Data can only be changed by specified people above or if one of the specified people unlocked the Iteration.

And to correct the bad behavior below – there should at minimum be a dialog pop up that says you are about to move XXX number of tasks to an iteration that include task XX number of Summary tasks and tasks that have not been explicitly selected for the move. 


Current Behaviour - Projects/Iterations/Tasks can be easily moved without warning.