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Project Auto-Assignment Based on Company/Role


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All of the clients we work with are loaded as Companies in Workfront, and we have set persons that always fulfill a particular role within a project for a given client (e.g. Jane Smith is always the Graphic Designer for Company XYZ).

We'd like to be able to have persons auto-assigned to tasks within projects based upon what Job Role a task is for, and what Company the project is assigned to. We have tried setting up Agile teams, but this does not serve the same purpose. Moreover, we do not want the assigned persons to have to "claim" or say that they will work on a task - we are looking for it to be assigned automatically.

This would greatly reduce overhead for our PMs when opening up new projects.



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We had the same problem / overhead and now utilize Azuqua to do exactly what you are describing. It honestly took a lot planning, setting up of custom forms on the company level with the "leads", testing, troubleshooting, and working with support of the 3rd Party (Azuqua), but it's now paying off tremendously for us just 2 months in.

Obviously, it would be great if it is just built in, but we couldn't wait around to see if that would happen.


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Thanks Matt. We're going to look into doing it with another automation vendor, Put It Forward, but we have plenty of other automation we need to configure still, too...was hoping this one could just be built right into Workfront!


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I would love to see this functionality as well. This would save our PMs a lot of time manually assigning folks to a project.