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Project Approval - Approval Path trigger once, Not sent back for approval for previous status


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Hi, I have a suggestion for Approval Processes.

Right now, when an Approval Process is attached to a Project, Task, or Issue, any time that object is put into the status it triggers the Approval Path. What I would like to see is a configuration setting that would only allow each Approval Path to trigger once per Approval Process use.

For instance, I have a Project that triggers an Approval with three Paths‚ÄîCurrent, Go-Live, and Complete. Once the Project goes Current, and then moves on to another status, I don’t want that Project to be sent out for approval again for the Current Status, even if it is put back into it. Then the same would apply to the other Statuses on that Approval Process as well.

I think the current setup is fine, as there is definitely a use-case to re-trigger Approval Paths multiple times. Could we get a setting when configuring the Approval Process to toggle whether each Path could only trigger once, or multiple times?