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Progress Status on Commit Date Later than Planned Completion Date


Level 3


Current System shows "on time" status when commit date is later than planned completion date. It should show "Behind" since the task owner can't make the planned completion date (lack of resource/time/supplier late etc etc)

If PM does not resolve it, project won't be "on time" so system should forecast the correct status. Until PM can work with task owner or change task owner to pull ahead the date (changing the commit date) or accept the commit date, it should not show "on time" as status.

This caused major confusion to our organization and our PMs' ability to properly forecast late project or late task



Level 8


While I absolutely agree with the principle of this in theory, Workfront's implementation of commit dates is so broken, unwieldy and unhelpful having it also change progress status with no option to leave it blank or disable it at a project and/or system-wide level would mean the majority of customers who don't even know there is a commit date would suddenly have projects tripping over to late and the project owner would have no way to correct this other to hassle possibly dozens of other people in their project plan to start using a feature they don't know about, want or need.