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Prevent PMs from deleting PROJECTS when tasks/issues have time logged


Level 7


Workfront recently added functionality that allows an admin to ALLOW or DENY permissions to delete tasks and issues if they have hours logged to them. (Found in Setup > Tasks & Issues) This is fantastic but there seems to be a a failure to follow-through in the logic of how this should work. If a task or issue has hours logged and an admin doesn't want those deleted, then they ALSO don't want someone to delete the project those tasks or issues are on (which then orphans the hours).

Please either adjust the functionality to also prohibit the deletion of projects if a task/issue on the project has time logged OR add another checkbox for projects the administrator can use to toggle on/off the permission to delete a project when the project has tasks/issues that have hours logged.

The hour deletion preferences that can be set under Timesheets & Hours in the Setup area don't really suffice to alleviate the problems that can occur when someone accidentally deletes a project. Just following through on the logic and prohibiting the deletion of a project that has time on a task/issue is a much better solution long-term.