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Planners and Workers Be Allowed to Attend Roadmap and Release Webinars-Access Info


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Workfront does an amazing job at putting together release notes/overviews, arranging for webinars, creating videos on those changes and answering questions. However, I think this AMAZING service being offered is very underutilized and underadvertised. I propose that all Planners and Workers be invited to/allowed to attend any webcasts Workfront is doing around roadmaps, strategy and releases and be able to access all the info in the Overview including the videos. Having this restricted is cumbersome. Now, maybe I'm wrong and they can get to it - but each time I ask I'm told it's restricted. I understand some companies don't want their Planners or Workers attending these - only Sys Admin. However, if there was a way to "enroll" selected Planners and Workers in this via something, that would be great. Thank you!