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Overall Collapse/Expand button on Timesheet


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If there was a main Expand/Collapse button on the timesheets, similar to the button on Projects, Reports, etc, so it would be easy to group, in one click, the projects that you are tracking time to. This would be very valuable to customers who manage multiple (30+) projects and track time to many task items.



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One of the pain points my team is having is that there are too many projects for program, project managers and team leads. For those who work across all brands at a company, logging time becomes a chore and I am finding instances where hours are being logged to the wrong project, in part because the timesheet cannot be manually organized. It captures time however the interface hurts more than it helps.


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Also, if the projects are all collapsed you open one project to edit the hours, the entire list is expanded automatically and you have to collapse them again one by one.