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Options for Locking Stages in Workfront Proof


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Description - 

Options on what happens with the decision for those approvers that do not make one before the stage is locked. 

Why is this feature important to you -
We have multiple approvers on our proofs that should be making a decision on the proof within their stage by a certain deadline. However, if the deadline is not met we need the proof to continue on through its remaining stages. The issue is the proof will continue to show on these users work list with no way to clear it because their stage is now locked and limiting their options to only view it that time. So the item remains in their work list until they are removed from the proof, make a decision (proof would need to be unlocked to do so or someone with the proper permissions would need to do it for them) or the proof is archived. None of these option provide a great user experience for the Approver nor for the Proof owner or Admin having to make the edits to clear the items.

How would you like the feature to work -
My idea would be to have options around what locking a stage in a proof does for the remaining decision makers. Options could be:
1. Operates as it does today.
2. (Preferred) Continues to show the users interaction within the proof with SOCD but marks the decision as "No response" if one is not made before the stage is locked and removes the item from the Work List. This gives the option to go back and unlock the proof if needed and allow for a decision.
3. Operate similar to how "Only one decision required" option does. Once the proof is locked mark all non respondents decisions as "Not Relevant" so it will remove the item from the Work List. The issue here is if the proof is unlocked for any reason their decision will have been set to "Not Relevant" so it would show as a decision made and not show back up on a work list.

Current Behaviour -
Currently when a stage is locked, whether it is done manually or automatically via deadline, those approver users remaining that did not make a decision before the stage was locked continues to have the item show in the work list. With the proof locked and in another stage the user is no longer able to action on the proof, therefore they are not able to clear the item from their work list.