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NWE: ability to personalize landing page


Level 10


When we surveyed users who have been moved to the New Work Experience, most of them have different wants for their landing page whereas as administrators, we can only set one on a layout that the group uses. Since new work experience is about personalization and customization, it would be great if users can select their landing pages.

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Level 10


It is unfortunate that this had to be submitted as an Idea. I would have classified it as a bug/defect due to loss of functionality.

In classic WF, each user has 2 fields available to them that enables them to specify what they see when they login and what their Global Nav looks like. These fields are still available in the new experience, however, no longer work due to UI changes, etc. Nonetheless, it seems like something that was "overlooked" when developing the new UI. Hopefully this get enough votes to ensure that this functionality is carried over from classic WF in a manner that still make some of it useable..

Edit Person > Preferences >

  • When I log in, show
    • In the Global Nav Bar, show: