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Notification for Approvals (irrespective of Status)



Description - add the ability for notifications to be sent when issues or tasks are approved, irrespective of task/issue status (ex: from “New – pending approval”, to “New”). 

Why is this feature important to you - our users rely on automations, especially notifications, to let them know when work is ready for them, and we use approvals throughout the project lifecycle, which are milestone points after which work can then start. It would be good to be able to not have to go manually ("refresh feed") for this one instance, and instead still get push notifications.

How would you like the feature to work - enable the option to have notifications be turned on for instance or group level, for all status changes related to approvals, not just for "resolved" statuses.

Current Behaviour -Currently, the available notification can only be sent if the status is set to resolved (similar to from "resolved - pending approval" to "resolved"). If an approval pathway is kicked off at another task status, no notification is sent out to the requester.