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New wildcard to affect custom sections in user profiles using Workfront Experience


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Workfront's new Experience allowed for the ability to put a custom section on a user (not currently functioning right now?? 12/9/2019). We'd like to be able to attach dashboards to users and have them work in the following way.

  • Create new wildcard for report filtering called $$VIEWEDUSER.ID. This would pick up the user ID of the user being viewed (not the viewer's user ID).
  • Allow use of the $$VIEWEDUSER.ID wildcard in Reports' user fields on various objects. E.g. Project Owner, assignedTo user, lastUpdatedBy etc. e.g. so you can create a report which lists all tasks which have been updated by the user you're viewing in the last 3 days.
  • In Layout Templates, allow custom tabs containing the above reports to be set for when looking at "A User". This way, different types of users could see different views of other users depending on their layout template (as they may have different job functions and needs).

(thanks to David Cornwell for help with wording this idea)

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