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New Home: Add Field Project Owner


Level 2


Currently the only field available is "Project Owner ID" to which there is not an ability to use text mode to allow for Project Owner Name.


Workers want to be able to easily communicate back to the PM (Project Owner), but there is no way to easily know who owns the project from the Home Screen.


Level 7


A work around for this limitation is to add a calculated field that captures the Project Owner's name to whatever custom forms are regularly attached to your project.

In the Home Layout options, you can then choose Project.Project Owner Name (or whatever you choose to call it).

We've done this to display details about the portfolio and project details so they display for every task when viewed in Home.


Level 7


Hi Dr. Zoidberg I mean Pat I mean Jamie,

In some scenarios, yes; but those are limited and I think worth the efficiency gain.

In this example, where the Project Owner Name is being pulled into the project's custom form and then selected to display in the Home view, there is no risk. If the Project Owner were to change after the form was initially attached, that action applies a recalculation to the project form, so the value is always up to date. Same for the assigned Portfolio/Program, and anything else that happens on the project object.

The risk of stale data is introduced if the project's calculated field references a different object type. If you set values on a portfolio's custom form, and then have calculated fields in a project's custom form that reference those portfolio values, any changes to the portfolio's custom form will not be automatically applied to all the project forms that referenced it. The value displayed in the Home view in that scenario could potentially be out of date, if there has been no recalculation since the referenced object was changed.

That doesn't happen much in our workflow so it's low risk for us; but different workflows may be impacted more severely by that limitation.