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New Experience - Can no longer search web page with Command+F


Level 2


in WF classic I could command+F search a long report to look up specific information... or any long page. Now, in the New Experience, command+F will only search what is visible within my browser. There could be 100+ entries in my search query but if its not visible where I am in the page, 0/0 results.

Why did we lose this functionality? Can this be turned back on?

random example of why i'd use this: I have a task report that list out ALL tasks assigned out to users that are due in the next 10 days. If i see a few projects are running behind, i'll [command+F - {search employee name} and tap enter a few times - this helps me see if they are just running behind on one project or behind on everything....

In the new experience, am I supposed to create a custom prompt report where i type in each user, or whatever other specific information I'm looking for?

Other example: I may need to create a new user, i'll go to my list of all users, command+F a similar user, then copy their profile settings to the new users.

I didn't realize how heavily I relied on command+F but I use it all day to navigate WF.