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Need a way to see all logged hours for all assigned tasks


Level 4


Description - Need a built-in standard way for assignees to see all of their logged hours per assigned task

Why is this feature important to you - The assignees currently have no easy way to view the logged hours on their tasks without going one task at a time.

How would you like the feature to work - There should be a built-in report or area for assignees (and managers) to view all logged hours and timesheets across the assigned tasks for a specific user. The assignee would only be able to see their logged hours on their assigned tasks. They can go back in history to view all tasks and all times logged, as well as totals per week, per month, and a way to filter on days with no logged hours in case they missed some days of logging.

Current Behaviour - User must open a task to get to the task options to see "Hours", currently no way to see "Hours" across all assigned tasks.