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Name population based on Job Role assigned


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When you enter a job role, Workfront will populate people that have that primary job role. Our Marketing team wears many hats, but WF will only populate their primary role, so if they enter "Web Admin", only people with that as their primary will show in the suggestions. There should be a way for any role assigned to a user would populate that users name when the job role is assigned to a task.

Ex - Andrea's main job role is as the Assistant Marketing Director. She will be the designer of an ad that will go out in a few weeks, but if she selects "Design" as the job role, her name does not populate because it is listed under her "other roles", not her "primary role".



Level 1


Hi. I have users with two active roles: one primary at 75% and one other at 25%. I'd like to be able to see the users listed in the role on the Assignments drop-down on the Project for both roles. Right now, only the primary role is showing as, "Here are a few recommendations..."

A solution would be to show users with a secondary role, though lower on the list, based on the second role's % for that role.


Level 2


We have the challenge and at times resources can have up to 3 roles based on our structure or if they are supporting more than one area.

Another consideration to solve the issue could be allowing/capability to turn off "Smart Assign" so that you can can control just primary or primary & secondary + based on how your organization is structured.