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Multiple Queue Topics in One Request


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Our marketing department is struggling with multiple requests to different areas that are regarding the same larger project but go to different smaller teams (like advertising, digital marketing, market insights, etc). Those all have different PMs and approval processes at different points during the status flow.

It would be nice for clients to be able to submit one request that then splits into multiple sub-requests based on whatever queue topics are picked (more than one). That would allow the approvals and assignments to stay in tact automatically, and also the new requests would be related to one another so the left hand could see what the right hand is doing.



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Wow, great request! I just submitted a help request asking if this is possible. We have several request types where it requires different types of work from different teams, and we have to ask the first team member to 'Work on it' to add the additional assignees. Even then, the issue name has to be generic enough for multiple teams to work on it. Being able to spawn multiple issues with more specific names or even a project with tasks from a template would be idea.


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Ditto. We are about to implement Workfront here and there are concerns about keeping all of the projects aligned with the initial request. I will be posting this in the community too in order to gain some traction.


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We have similar issues with this feature not being available. Currently we use Workfront PROGRAMS to link everything together but there is no intake form that allows the requester to essentially copy the standard details (which are the same across all requests - ie audience, event date, owner, etc) but allow for entering custom specs for each one. We currently use this intake form attached which is annoying because it's a separate attachment that gets into version control issues. Would be awesome to have something like this in workfront where you can select an EVENT MATERIALS master request - and from there, fire off sub-requests for a banner, an ad, an evite, and a brochure which all get nested under that master Request. the standard details would get copied over but they can submit the individual specs for this. Then the view in Workfront can serve as the checklist showing all the below. Would be also amazing to be able to edit the request details in line as you would an excel or google sheet. here is ours below

We are purposely not using issues on a project for this because we want everyone to enter requests (having 2 different ways of entering and finding requests confuses people).
This intake form we are using also allows one to glance quickly at all the requests at once, similar to a project list and serving as a checklist for what is happening. But the intake process going through the request queue doesn't allow for this given the repetitive custom forms needed.


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We have this same challenge. We even have the issue of one request coming in to one team is actually 2-5 different asset types and needs it's own project with timelines and templates that vary. We end up copying a lot of projects to carry the custom data over to the next, attaching a template and then modifying the custom data and pushing to the next team. It's not clean but our reporting is in tact.