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Multiple Environments and Not Knowing If a prospective user is in another environment or not


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We have had requests to add users to our environments. The problem is how do we know if that user is already in another environment? For example, I get a request from our Project Management Team to add a new user to the Project Management team. When I create their account, it gives me an "Email already taken" error. A quick trip to One.Workfront.com to submit a ticket, the support finds that the user in question is already in another environment and I was told to reach out to the Admin on the other environment to append the name with a + provisioning and then it works. However, the Workfront Admin from the other environment we have been working with quit and told us to use their help desk for any help. Problem is, they haven't responded at all since their admin left and here we are losing business day after day waiting to add the user to our environment. This system is a bit silly where we have to also do the digging and are dependent upon third parties in order to get ANYTHING to work on your platform.