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Moving Documents on project level - show this project first


Level 6


When moving documents on the project level from 1 task to another

You select to move the document

then select task

then you put in the task name you want to move the document to

- the system returns all tasks with the name you're looking for

- it serve you the task that matches that name in the current project first, then show all others outside of the project.



Level 6


It does not work that way now, not it returns all tasks that match the name of the task you entered regardless of project - which opens the door for moving the document to the completely wrong project.


Level 2


Amen, if I wanted to move it to another project I would of selected move to Project NOT Task. Move to task should only be a list of tasks in that project!!


Level 4


Layne, that solves this problem but wouldn't work when you have hundred of tasks on projects like we do; too much real estate and too much time to enter.

I've also noticed that the list of values of tasks don't show all tasks with that time, only the first five or so that it finds. We have the same task with the same name across all of our projects for reporting purposes, and can't find the right one to move documents too. We have to rename the specific task, move the document, and change the name back. It's terrible and ridiculous.


Level 1


I agree, it should only show tasks listed within the project you are working in, or at least show them at the top of the list. Sometimes I have to scroll through 30 items before I find the one I am looking for.


Level 10


It would be a HUGE time saver if the system would bring up only the tasks within the Project we are working on - agreed!