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Move long Proof Comments conversations to the proof updates section


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Description - Move long Proof Comments conversations to the proof updates section

Why is this feature important to you - Our teams love WF proof mainly for their ability to communicate with each other real-time via the proof comments. Some of those conversations can get pretty long. They are aware of the ability to take the conversation to the proof updates section - but they fare wary of leaving the actual proof (for some reason). 

How would you like the feature to work - In the case of those long conversations, it would be so cool if they could "send" the proof comments to the proof updates section once they have had their say. Leaving only the resolved comment. 

Current Behaviour - Proof users are reluctant to "leave" the proof to take long conversations into the proof updates section. Currently they have the conversations in the proof and then go through and delete all of the conversations, leaving only the resolved comment, or by starting a new comment all together with the resolved comment. This is time consuming and the supporting data is lost that way. We work with long technical documents, so there can be several 100s of comments per proof.

They know of the "go to the last comment" feature, but working with outside composition vendors can be confusing to them, especially when documents/images have been added to the comments at random intervals throughout the conversations.

Any thoughts on how to keep the comments' data intact, while making it cleaner and easier for wary users.


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Where would the comment go in a multi-page proof, how would it add value to either the proofing or the communication?

Have you considered adopting software like Adobe InCopy / InDesign which was built for this specific thing?

Can some of the editorial back-and-forth be done prior to proofing - in the creation stage?