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More robust system logging for HOURS


Level 6


It would be extremely beneficial to have more robust system logs for hours logging / timesheet edits.

If a user logs time currently - the system logs show that they logged time to their timesheet for xx day and how many hours they logged. BUT it doesn't show the date that they actually logged that time.

In order to ensure that users aren't retroactively modifying hours, when a user logs time - we should be able to review:

Day / Date / Timestamp of when they logged the hour(s)

to what object they logged the hour(s)

if there was an edit to the logged hour(s) we should capture

day / date / timestamp of when the hour(s) were edited

on what object they were edited

what they were edited from --> to

this information should live on the timesheet itself, and be tied to the user object.

This information should display on the timesheet regardless of whether the time was logged / edited at the issue / task / project / program level or on the timesheet specifically