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Microsoft Teams Approval Request to include proof name and project title


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Description - We use the Workfront for Microsoft Teams plug-in and what we're finding is that when we get an approval request to approve a proof the notification does not include the proof name or the project title that the proof is part of. It simply says the proof owner wants you to approve the proof, with a button to "Go to proof" or to "Comment".
When I get a new issue (e.g., packaging request) it includes the title of the new issue/request with the live link to that issue, and when I get a new update on a proof (where someone else has added a comment to a proof that I am on) the notification in Teams includes the name of the document and the project title with live links to both of them.
So you have to click on the Approval Request notification to go through to the proof in order to see which proof and which project it is for. Is there a way of including that in the Teams notification? 


Why is this feature important to you - It would increase time efficiency as it would help my Users to identify which project a proof was for "at a glance" rather than having to click through on the notification to the proof itself to find out which campaign/project the proof relates to. It would enable them to prioritise what they “react” to first based on knowing their own project priorities. 


How would you like the feature to work - I would like it to work in the same way that a new issue or new update notification works where the project title and the proof name are included in the notification and these are both live links to the project and document. The buttons for "Go to proof" and "Comment" can remain in the notification.


Current Behaviour - The approval request appears in the Workfront for Teams app Chat feed, in the same way a new message in a chat from someone else appears. And in the notification is detail about the proof that doesn't mean anything to my users. It also has a "Go to proof" button and a "Comment" button. Both of these are useful, but it would be more efficient to the user to know what the project and proof name were before having to click through to find out.