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Memory Limit in Fusion Scenario Monitor


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I am a power user/resource hog in Fusion. I perform 10s of thousands of operations and frequently need to move around 100s of MBs if files. As such, I run out of your paltry 1GB of memory frequently. I am informed by Support that there is no way to monitor the current memory usage while running a Fusion scenario. And the official answer is "just do less".


I argue this is a PRIME case for providing us access to poll the current used memory from within a running scenario. Similar to an Environment variable. This way I would not have to run hard until I hit a brick wall, I could periodically poll the current memory usage and decide if I need to gracefully stop or if I am able to continue on.


I am surprised that this doesn't already exist, as it is rather asinine that I can "do anything" in Fusion, but run it hard until it breaks in a non-graceful way.


Thank you,


(Very large, multi-milion dollar client)

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Hello wes,


This is a very unsatisfactory answer from Adobe Support!

Perhaps it can make sense to have a look on the company, which provides the technology for Fusion.


They do not have any Workfront modules, as they are Adobe exclusive, but you will be able to do anything Workfront related also there by using custom API modules. Besides that, they offer some quite interesting features, like being able to create your own apps and modules...