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Mass Edit Task Name in Several Projects/Templates in One Fell Swoop!


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It would be SUPER helpful to have the ability to edit several task names at once, in the same project (as we have the same task name that gets done weekly); as well as in other projects. This could work like a "find and replace" function. Find this task name throughout our Portfolio and change it to this.... templates and projects would be wonderful.

Sometimes we are changing a person's name in a task (like "msg Heather") below and have to do it four times in each project (there could be 6 current projects needing changed), then we have to go to the template and change it. Sometimes there are up to 6 templates to change as well. It's a real time-waster!!



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This is a fabulous idea! Find and replace would be helpful. Our team too, finds that we spend a substantial amount of time going into individual requests for multiple projects and changing the name line by line. It would be great to be able to search and replace.


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I would also like to be able to use it when I copy tasks for repeated use in a project. (E.g., molded parts all have the same steps to design and qualify each tool and part.) Right now, the tasks all have the same names and I can only tell what it refers to by the parent task name. I would prefer to add a short name to each task. Then when I copy, the edit function would let me change the short name so it is very clear what each task is.


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I spend probably a day a month going through and editing task names manually across all projects as things change to keep things consistent, and this would be an amazing feature to develop


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Please add this feature to both projects and templates. It's incredible time consuming to edit task names especially through the production process where name changes are constant.

Can this also get combined with this feature request (https://experience.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PSALAA4/detail) - they are the same and will get us to the threshold sooner!


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I am doing some project reorganisation and have dozens of templates, hundreds of projects and thousands of tasks to which I want to bring some consistency. Bulk task renaming is just the first step.

Add the object name to the form used for bulk updates.