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Manually trigger Fusion / call Fusion Webhook from Workfront GUI


Level 9


Description - It would be absolutely great to have a possibility to trigger Adobe Fusion directly from within Workfront.


Why is this feature important to you - This would give Fusion users more flexibility on how to start a scenario and provide the end user to run custom actions on tasks, projects, documents, ...


How would you like the feature to work - As most objects have the "three-dots"-button to initiate misc. operations like edit, convert, move, share, ..., it would be nice to setup an additional entry here, which just calls a specific webhook in Fusion passing the ID of the object to start a scenario in Fusion on this object id.

Another approach could be, to have a button as new field type for custom forms, which can call such a webhook.


Current Behaviour - Currently a scenario can include a "watcher" module to monitor field changes which trigger a scenario. This uses the Event Subscription API.

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Level 10


I do that with a custom field on a trigger object. Something like: When this field is checked, trigger a specific Fusion scenario.

You could also do it with a request queue or a specific project.


Adding something in the UI would be fine providing admins have the ability to hide it based on permissions.