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Make "Kanban Board" a VIEW that's available to all users (not just Agile Teams)


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I hate that the only way to use the Kanban board in WorkFront is by creating an Agile team, as its a great visual management tool that adds value to Traditional teams as well. I'd like to see Workfront also offer "Kanban" as a standard view that can be applied across lists by any user, regardless of team type. e.g. you change the view to Kanban on any list and see the work item as cards (instead of rows) with the columns representing either status, progress status/condition or milestones. Would also love if you could choose whether to show parent tasks only or child tasks only.

This type of view option exists on a lot of other similar products include MS Team Planner and Smartsheets. Our users were disappointed that they could not have a Kanban view when we switched to Workfront (as setting up Agile Teams in WF doesnt make sense for us since the rest of the settings/functionality that goes also with a WF Agile Team doesnt align with how we work).