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Lock updates in the issue once it has been converted into a Project


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Description - Once an issue has been approved, we convert it into a project, and I would like to lock the comments (updates section) in my issues (nobody can enter a new comment) once it has a resolving project related to it. 


Why is this feature important to you - once the issue is approved, we follo up everything in the converted project but many time requestor does not know and he/she comment in the issue instead of the project this causes confusion in the Requestor because, he does not know that the latest updates are in the project or the executor do not see the comments because He is now working in the project. It results in lost the conversation chain and often gets missed. 


How would you like the feature to work - A feature where it detects the issue has a resolving project and lock any new comment.


Current behaviour - only technical method to achieve this is by revoking users' sharing permissions from the issues. Yet, this action would result in users being unable to view or access the issue unless they possess system administrator privileges. We still need Requestor has access to the issue, but he should not be able to modify or comment it. 

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