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Linking hours in iteration/story board to task hours and time sheet.


Level 8


There is a major flaw in the design of the agile story board when it comes to hours logged on the story and percentage complete. For those of us who mandate hours being logged on all tasks before they are closed OR use the story board view in conjunction with a standard project view, the current functionality around hours and percentage complete is broken.

Currently, if you want users to log hours on all of the work they do and have those hours display on time sheets AND on the story cards of the story board, users must do double entry. It is hard enough to enforce compliance when asking them to do it one, much less twice. To make the story board and burndown chart work correctly, users must update the hours complete on the story and update the percentage complete unless they are moving the story to completed which sets it to the estimate hours (whether that reflects reality or not). However, those hours are not linked in any way to the actual task so when you look at reports, the actual hours on a task or a time sheet - the hours are not there. Those two must be linked. When one is updated with planned and actual hours they both should be. The time logged should display everywhere the same way (actual task, story board, reports, and time sheets) and the percentage complete should update the task and the story board as well as the project and the entire iteration with one entry.

To keep it flexible for users who want them to behave in the unlinked way they do today, put in logic that creates the links if the agile team chooses hours and leave them unlinked if they chose points.