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Like or Agree button in WF Proof


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It would be incredibly helpful to have a "Like" or "Agree" button in

WF Proof. If one reviewer leaves a comment, others who still need to review/approve and have the same opinion can click Like or Agree rather than having to repeat the same sentence/statement. This functionality was available in other system I've used and was the #1 rated feature by all approvers.

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Level 4


Apologies for the additional post but I don't see where I can edit my original note. Here's one more reason why we need a "Like" or "Agree" button.

In many cases we could have 20+ versions of a piece of art in a single proof. The reviewer may need to make the same comment on several or all versions. This button will eliminate the need to re-type or copy/paste the same comment multiple times in one proof. Our senior level leaders are hot on this topic.