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Introduce Labels/tag in Workfront


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Introduce an easy way to mark workfront objects without creating dedicated custom forms/fields by using labels. Good example: Labels in gMail. This gives users an easy way to organize their data without much overhead.



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I absolutely agree that a dedicated Labeling (or Tagging) system is much needed!

The reason a Labeling/Tagging component is necessary:

I created a work-around “Tagging” system by using Custom Fields with Logic and then a Report with Prompts to pull in only the Data I need to see at a given time. However, I was encountering an issue and after reaching out to Workfront Support, I was informed that there is no surefire fix currently available. The problem is found in the “Exists” Data (hidden) versus “Display” Data (viewable).

We have multiple properties that are “Tagged” by both Requesters and Planners using the Custom Form Fields and Logic, featuring Drop Down lists with Multi-Select, in a Parent to Child relationship. For example, two Custom Form Fields entitled “Type” (Parent) and “Name” (Child). Someone selects a “Type” option and then a “Name” option, then realizes a mistake has been made. That person may not remove the “Name” (Child) option, but only the “Type” (Parent). It would stand to reason that by removing the “Type” (Parent) selection, that the “Name” (Child) option would automatically be deleted, however, this is not the case. What happens in this scenario is that the “Name” (Child) option still “Exists” as hidden Data but not “Display” Data.

In my Custom Report to pull in all Projects featuring a certain “Tag”, the list is populated with objects that are not related because the Prompt Search is pulling both the hidden “Exist” option and the viewable “Display” selection. The “Exist” Data should not be looked at and pulled from the Prompt Search. If I want my “Tagging” system to work, I have to generate a Report of each Property and manually clean up the mistakes in the “Name” (Child) Field, which is a time-consuming effort.

A additional Labeling/Tagging system would eliminate this issue and provide all Users with a more efficient way to group like objects together.


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Similar/earlier post of same request: https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000XiSGAA0/detail

Adding commentary with additional context in hopes this thread surfaces in future search results by other users; and will copy it on the other submission.

We want the ability to tag keywords or metadata to a wide assortment of object types, including projects, documents, issues, notes, users, and more. This can currently be done as a hack in some object types using a hashtag and text string combo that can be searched against, but it requires the user to remember what those codes are, different object types get the keywords applied to different parameters, and it's a very "hacky" solution. Would love to have this experience formalized and made consistent across multiple object types.

Graphic added for visual reference.

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