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Increase Workfront Zoom Capability


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Description - The Proof Viewer currently maximizes at 400% which is not enough to fully see the asset's details

Why is this feature important to you - My teams work on very large packaging files and the fine print needs to be reviewed by the Product and Legal teams. Mistakes like country of origin or sizing specs could cost the company greatly if there is a misprint that needs to be reprinted.

How would you like the feature to work - Using the existing feature, grant the ability to zoom in beyond 400% up to 2000%

Current Behaviour - Zoom maximum is 400% so the creatives have to create screenshots of the smaller text area and upload them so the reviewers and approvers can review them. This is clunky and adds additional steps and requires more asset management.

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Hi @MoniqueEvans 

Agree with above approach, since we are in manufacturing companies, doing a lot of drawings with different font sizes and needs to be visible as accurate as possible,