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increase the size of the template drop-down window


Level 4


For the love of god can you increase the size of the drop-down window for templates when converting a request to a project? Instead of having to use the scrollbar it would be a lot easier if it was just a bigger window.



Level 2


YES PLEASE! I was about to submit this idea and here it is! Please and also in addition to this, Is there a way to hide "INACTIVE" Templates that are no longer in use from showing up in the list. We found a way to force them to drop to the bottom of the list but they are still there. A way to hide these from the view would be great!


Level 2


I also have an issue with the size of the dropdown menu. A lot of the templates have the same or similar text to start the name so I have hover and wait for the entire name to show up before selecting. It certainly would help to have a larger menu.

Thank you!