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Improvements to New Scheduling Tool


Level 5


Request the following improvements to the Scheduling tool in Workfront.

1. Resource Allocation Highlighting: I’d like to see a different way of highlighting when someone is over-allocated on a particular day. For example, bold the total hours at the top of the day in red (similar to the legacy planner). The current red bars around the task are confusing. The highlighting on the task bar is odd. It would be easier to see if a resource is over-allocated if the # of hours was bold and red.

2. Task Hours at a Glance: The task hours are not available at a glance in the new tool. We would really like to be able to see that, as it allows for our team to quickly see what's taking up a team member's time without having to click into each task to view the planned hours.





Hi everyone,

As we have announced the deprecation of Resource Scheduling, we have added those capabilities to Workload Balancer solution. Find more about that here: Link