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improvement requests of WorkFront's Update comment system.


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Description -

Why is this feature important to you

The primary reason for us to request this is to facilitate information sharing, which would improve readability and its integrity, since formatting it adequately would increase the probability to reach its destination as it was intended. The kind of information shared through this channel includes Project IDs, hashed of CNAME records, domain names, etc. which require to be transmitted exactly as they were generated.


How would you like the feature to work

Markdown is a relatively simple syntax to implement in these kind of systems and has a low performance cost.


In case the support of a complete set of Markdown syntax capabilities is out of discussion, we would like to request the implementation of a "code block" syntax so the text inside it would be shown a mono-spaced type font (where all the characters have the same width and height).


2. Additionally we would like to request the support for key bindings inside the text boxes of the comments, to perform useful actions such as "send" the comment over the system (something similar to pressing the key combination of Control + Enter to finish the current comment and send it). This can improve our productivity by letting us to avoid using the mouse to click on the send button. This is currently supported on sub-comments (replies to parent comments) but not on top comments (parent comments). 


Current Behaviour -

Support for a complete set or subset of Markdown syntax capabilities, you can see some examples at:

* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Markdown

* https://www.markdownguide.org/

* https://daringfireball.net/projects/markdown/

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Level 1


This needs more visibility. I would love to see Markdown syntax implemented for the Comments and Task/Issue Description fields. Being able to share code snippets (e.g., CSS, HTML, JavaScript, XML, JSON, etc.) that are properly formatted and have color-coded syntax highlighting would be great for readability and integrity.