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Improve support for multi level dropdown lists


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Provide a feature to optionally clear field values where a field becomes hidden on the form. It may be of value to retain hidden values in some cases so a checkbox option on a field to Clear Value when Hidden would work.

The issue occurs in cascaded drop down lists where higher level list options are changed, but lower level lists retain the data even though not displayed. These get replicated down to the Cosmos parameter values table leading to confusion in reporting. It also occurs for other form fields where the value of a field A determines the visibility of field B. If the field B value is set, then the value of field A is changed so field B is now hidden, the value of field B is still presented in the object's parameter values.

Currently the implementation of cascading dropdown lists requires many individual 1 level dropdown lists connected by hide/display logic on the form. In our case with levels of dropdown list, we have over 30 lists that are hidden or displayed dynamically making form maintenance and API use tedious.

An improved dropdown control would support grouping entries in multiple levels within the same dropdown list (like P8/ICN) which presents more like a tree view control or multi-level dropdown menu.

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I would like to this ability to extend to type ahead fields. I'd like the ability to filter the contents of a Type Ahead Field based on the value in another field on the customer form. Having the filter ability is great but it would so much more powerful if you could reference fields on the custom form in the filter criteria.