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Improve field logic to allow an option for a field to display only the options that the user needs to see, based on a previous field selection


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Description - Would love to see Workfront develop logic that allows users to see only the options that are applicable for them within a field, without having to create multiple fields. 


An example - I have two values that I want project owners to populate. One is Business Group and the other is Product. Each Business Group has its own products. In current state, there are two options. One is to have one Product field that lists all of the products for all of the business groups. The second is to create multiple fields - one Business Group field and then multiple Product fields (one for each business group). In the first option, project owners might have to scroll through a long list to see the one that they need, and if products are similar between business units, there could be confusion about which one to choose. There's nothing stopping them from choosing a product that doesn't match the business group. In the second option, you're maintaining extra fields even though all of them are for Product. This results in more fields that need to be mapped in integrations, and a busier view of excess fields in other tools (for example, AEM). In addition, having numerous fields for the same thing makes analysis and reporting more complicated than it needs to be.






This idea is currently being investigated by the Workfront Product Management team. An official response will be provided by the end of May. Thanks for your patience!



Status changed to: Investigating






Thank you for bringing this to our attention. As I understand, your use case could be covered with our External Lookup fields as you can add dependency between one field's values list based on the selection of the other field. You can find more details here.


Please, do let us know if this works for you.

Thank you.