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I need to export timesheets with reference numbers


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I really need to find a way to export timesheets that show the coinciding Project's reference number alongside it. We don't have fusion - and although i know that's the way to go for this, it's not in the cards right now so i'm trying to find a workaround. I have about 10 users who need to track time and I need to get that time into our SAP system. WF automatically generates the reference number with every project, so my plan was to export the timesheet with each reference number and use those numbers to add a few additional numbers in the excel and into a format (10 digits) that SAP likes. If anyone has an ideas I'd greatly appreciate it!




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Hi @OliviaCl - Would you be able to just pull an hour report and add in the related Project Reference Number there? It might be easier to manipulate the report then to match the spreadsheet that you need to upload into SAP and would also show there work items, admin, etc. Just a thought, maybe you already tried that and it didn't fit your use case!