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Highlighted Timesheet Rows


Level 5


It would be great if timesheet line items would highlight when they are clicked. My team members are constantly adding things to the wrong line items because it's difficult to tell which row you are clicking.



Level 4


T3 agrees. Either highlight them in realtime or have them alternate backgrounds so the eye can travel across. Excel has the row number become shaded and the font bolds. Perhaps a type treatment could happen when someone hovers over the that row.


Level 1


This seems to be a popular topic but has scattered votes across several of the same or related idea submissions. Use the below link so we can consolidate votes and get it over threshold! This submission has the most votes I've seen so far regarding this change request: https://experience.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PSClAAO/detail


Level 7


It's 2021 - can we get this simple and low-effort solution to help improve user quality of life when filling out timesheets that have lots of lines? This literally seems like a hour worth of work to deliver something as simple as a highlighted row on the timesheet.


Community Advisor


I would say if a project shows more than 3 tasks and/or issues then highlighting would be nice.

Most of my team has just a few tasks, at most, under each project at any given time. So their timesheets are sufficiently highlighted with the project name.

I, however, have a ton of tasks and issues under 1 particular project and would greatly benefit from every other row highlighting.