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High-Level Campaign/Quarter/Yearly Planning Functionality


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Description - Functionality that will allow people to collaborate on and plan projects/initiatives over a campaign, season, or year (or any timespan) with the ability to assign level of effort/resource needs, at a high level. I understand that Scenario Planner is a thing but it is much too granular to be usable for our purposes. We're trying to look at a holistic high level scope of the year ahead for the entire Marketing department while giving ourselves a high level idea of the level of effort for the initiatives, comparing them to the resources we have. We'd like to be able to combine projects currently in progress along with potential project ideas or anything else that hasn't made it down the pike and been submitted as an official project yet. 

Why is this feature important to you - Our organization struggles with visibility into what scale of initiatives are actually feasible with the resources on-hand vs what we should actually be prioritizing or where/how we can create more space to do more innovative and experimental Marketing initiatives. We've always just worked with whatever needs to get done, no matter what, but to have the tools and ability to plan ahead for the future and actually be able to more quantitatively back up our position on our planned portfolio of work would help immensely with our confidence in planning.

How would you like the feature to work - It could be similar to how the current Scenario Planner works but just at a much higher level without the ability to need to assign hours/FTEs to individual roles per month. That is an extremely tedious process, especially to do over and over again over the course of all the projects we have over a year, and something that can function at a higher level with far less tedium would help. Also the ability to have the tool be collaborative while establishing owners of each initiative/project idea would help us to have better visibility into the high-level plan while seeing into each Integrated Marketing channel.

Current Behaviour - We are looking into utilizing Smart Sheet for this level of planning since there is nothing in Workfront that really has been able to work the way we want it to, but we would like to have the ability to keep it all within Workfront.

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Hi @NastasyaCl,


What you're asking for sounds very similar to our soon-to-be-released (on www.atappstore.com) Marcomm Gantt solution, with which you can plan high level key dates (e.g. planning in orange, prep in cyan, execution in green, monitoring in navy) at the Program level -- even before any projects have been created to help balance that work and set the right release cadence -- and then once the real projects do get created and worked upon, optionally toggle on the outer envelope of those completed (grey) and incomplete (yellow) projects in order to juxtapose the origin Program level plans against actual Project/Task level work.


If this sounds like it might meet your requirements, your welcome to email me at doug.denhoed@atappstore.com and I'd be happy to provide more details once it's released.