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Hierarchical / Cascading / Matrix Field Relationships


Level 10


The ability to have multiple fields in custom forms that are linked together in a relationship such as:

Choosing a value from Field 1 determines what is available to choose from Field 2.

For example:

Choosing a value from Category determines what can be chosen from Brand which can then determine what can be chosen from Sub-Brand.

This would be better than:

  • In the example above: a huge long list of choices in Brand and Sub-Brand in order to encompass all Categories and Brands.
  • In the example above: The workaround of having multiple "Brand" and "Sub-Brand" fields with hide/show conditionals plus awkward "ifblank" reporting concatenations.

Whether this was via the Builder or some more back-end method (like a Kickstart) is fine by me. I honestly think a matrix Excel uploaded via the backend might be "easier" and then just a Builder UI element that is dropped in and linked to the Excel data. But...I leave such issues to the developers. :-)




I need this concept for my company's group->department->team organization (no relation to workfront's concept of groups and teams). We have people, requests, and projects that all need to relate to multiple teams. I don't want users to scroll through a massive list of teams.


Level 5


This request has been there since before I joined AtTask/Workfront back in 2010. One of my clients has to have multiple fields to separate the different options and use display logic to hide values. Then to get one reportable field they have to have a custom calculated field to do the if statement based on the logic and options hidden with the display logic, just so they can report 1 field.


All they have to think about is the logic of Countries, States, Cities to see the nested nature that should be in the custom forms.